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Project Description

Be Think Solve Execute is a leading Group in Consulting and IT services for Financial Services Industry.

We support leading Financial Institutions and major Insurance players through a superior ability in managing complexity originated by transformation initiatives, innovation programs and compliance matters. This means to serve our clients in their major challenges, such as rethinking their business models, managing Digital Revolution and navigating the FinTech arena, aligning with industry and regulatory requirements, engaging customers, monetizing assets, excelling in Operations and rise Performance & Risk Control.

Our Value Proposition is based on the outstanding talent and specialization of our professionals, a deep company knowledge of financial and insurance matters, a unique positioning in the middle field between strategy and ICT solutions, the standing of preferred consultants of some of the industry leaders in major banks & institutions, a consistent vision of European market and a real multicultural environment due to our presence in 8 different countries – including Romania – with more than 1,200 professionals, a continuous search for the improvement of our performance and a relentless passion to get the excellence.

Our full fledge portfolio for Financial Industry represents our core strengths, our “bread & butter”: cards and payments, target operating model design, mobile financial services, asset management, financial crime and AML, core banking systems transformation, complaints management, regulatory and compliance, product pricing, processes and organization, transformation & change, planning & control, Customer experience transformation, back office operational transformation, business process management, commercial lending, credit & liquidity risk, operational risk management, IT governance, IT strategy and legacy modernization, post-merger Integration, capital market solutions, marketing & loyalties.

Foster real and viable innovation is one of our priorities; we are constantly involved in creating a top-down innovation and FinTech investment strategy for the entire Group, identifying the right opportunities for partnership, investment & collaboration to align with innovation strategy, understanding the growing FinTech landscape including competitor success in this area and future trends, reducing silos and increasing efficiency and collaboration between teams, fostering a culture of innovation and incentivising employees including best practice on working with innovation labs.

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