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Project Description

Eucom is Center of Excellence in language services in Romania and was founded as a response to the needs and challenges faced by fast-growing companies trying to integrate into the globalized business environment.

We pride ourselves on offering our clients a wide range of services such as customized language courses, innovative programs, language audit, translation and interpreting services, both nationwide and worldwide, for common or less common foreign languages.

We believe in learning as a continuous experience and the idea of a foreign language as a bridge to a new culture; we greatly value long lasting partnerships, professionalism and collaboration. Therefore, our mission is to design and implement foreign language services that meet the objectives of our clients and promote the benefits of multilingualism in communication, culture and mindset.

“If we were to describe our mission and activity in a few words, these would be: analysis, customization, dedication, flexibility, passion and innovation, all summed up by our everlasting goal: EXCELLENCE”, Silviu Dragomir, Managing Partner Eucom.

Last year was also successful for us:

  • we provided language services to more than 90 clients
  • we enrolled over 10,000 participants in our trainings
  • we delivered over 150,000 training hours
  • we involved almost 200 trainers in our programs

Our clients are among the most important players in various industries such as banking, pharma, retail, automotive, technology and medicine. We have received plenty of testimonials highlighting us as being trustworthy and professional, modern and specialized, a guarantee of excellent services. Thus, we will remain a partner dedicated to companies investing in the development of their employees’ language skills, meeting and exceeding all expectations.

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