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Project Description

H Grup IT Expert is a company founded in Romania in 2006 by Groupe HN France, which managed to make its mark on the EU Software Development market in a relatively short period of time.
We are currently working with some of the largest corporations, especially French (BNP, Antargaz, Natixis, Partecis, Mastercard, CET, Societe Generale European Business Services, Interforum, ING, Cycleon).
Groupe HN currently has over 800 employees and several software development centres in Paris, Bucharest, Lisbon and New York.
The team in Bucharest, with over 100 employees, guarantees exclusive dedication for the successful implementation of your projects.
What we excel at:

  • Customized software development: This is the main product provided by H Grup IT Expert. Development is conducted based on the functional specifications provided by the client or by its own team of analysts, the main goal being the completion of all functional targets established by the client.
  • Consultancy in computer projects
  • Maintenance
  • Outsourcing: Through the outsourcing service our company will assign a specialist needed for a certain type of technology for a period of time

Technologies used:
  • Mainframe – Cobol, IBM, AS/400
  • Web technologies – Java, .NET, Angular
  • Mobile Technologies – IOS, Android, Xamarin

Phone – (+40) 21.313.46.11
Email – contact@hgrup.com