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Project Description

I Future Romania belongs to Thakral Group, a multinational organization with operations in over thirty countries and headquarters in Singapore. Our global business interests include Hospitality, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics, IT Services and more. Our large presence throughout Europe, including Romania, is due to multiple acquisitions made in the electronics industry in the early 90’s.

Despite fifty percent of Romania’s population being currently under thirty, filled with aspirations and ambition, there is a gap between demand and supply for good skilled resources in the Romanian market. This gap is specifically related to skilled resources resulting in many corporate companies investing a lot of resources to train fresh grads which has resulted in high attrition and low dependability recently.

I Future was built by consulting with industry experts, business leaders and advisors within the human resources field. Our unique business concept to develop and refine all key skills for the youth is being achieved through the Talent Development initiative currently deployed. We look forward to helping the next generations and organizations reap the benefits from this process. Businesses and individuals alike will be able to fulfill their critical needs in today’s extremely dynamic scenery and market.

“Our company is dedicated to finding the right talent match in today’s ever-changing socio- economic environment.”

I Future’s key objectives are to identify talent and develop a qualitative resource pool in industry verticals and a variety of profiles which can ensure industry needs are met locally in the European region today and in the future.

We aspire to bring synergy between training and placement with youth while being a bridge to critical needs of the industry and an extended arm to the HR community in creating value & providing advisory services.

For more information, please visit www.ifuture.eu.