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Project Description

Luxoft is a global IT service provider with more than 11,000 expert skilled software engineers on board that create high-end business solutions for the world’s largest brands. Many Fortune Global 500 companies already work with Luxoft. We serve over 150 clients from our delivery centers in North America, Mexico, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, and South Africa. This approach enables us to continually harvest and foster the best engineering talent and provide top quality services to our diverse client base. The superior quality of “human capital” is due to the fact that Luxoft creates software engineers through professional training and dynamic mentorships that provide our talented employees with a deep domain experience and knowledge from Luxoft’s top technology engineers and experts.

Luxoft Romania was established in 2008 when Luxoft acquired ITC Networks, a leading Bucharest-based software outsourcing provider specializing in the telecommunications industry. The acquisition of ITC Networks further expanded the company’s global footprint and strengthened Luxoft’s expertise in the telecom industry. After a short period of consolidation, new business lines appeared in our local delivery center. We started with Finance in 2010, followed by the Automotive business line in 2011. Ever since, each of these verticals has posted significant growth, Luxoft Romania becoming one of the main players on the IT&C local market. Our strength is the diversity of projects that we are able to serve, covering multiple technologies.

Our employees develop cutting edge products and solutions for large clients from Europe and USA. Besides our ongoing projects, we are getting involved in new areas such as the Internet of Things, Big Data or Cloud Solutions.

  • stimulate out of the box thinking by creating organizational units focused on innovation (TSC, COEs)
  • acquire best engineering talent by building proprietary recruitment process, and   launching employer branding campaigns
  • grow the environment in which we operate, by organizing CSR initiatives such as robotic classes or sport events that integrate local communities

Luxoft is built to be different, built to be better. We offer engineering with an open mind, creative thinking with guaranteed delivery, and informed ideas with business results.

We constantly seek new ways to:

  • enable our clients to transform their businesses, by optimizing their software development processes

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