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Project Description

Vodafone Shared Services creates value for Vodafone by optimizing quality and efficiency. It has matured over the past 10 years, delivering value to our partners and significantly contributing to customer experience. Established in 2006, Vodafone Shared Services has evolved from being a single entity into a multi-functional and multi-location organisation which currently covers centres across Hungary, Egypt, India and Romania with over 20,000 professionals. In recent years the organization transformed its approach from being a reliable service provider to becoming a strategic partner with a focus on value and business outcomes, and become a key lever for Vodafone to drive cost saving programs across Group and Local Markets.

Vodafone Shared Services Europe is part of the Vodafone Group and operates in two EU countries Bucharest and Budapest as a commercial HUB for Vodafone activities all around the world with almost 3000 colleagues. The Bucharest based centre started its operation in 2014. Now it serves as a centre for excellence in Technology, Customer Service, Fraud, Security Services and Finance hub. Our Technology department is focused on Enterprise Product and Services, Infrastructure Management, Applications Operations and Customer Service Desk.

Using state of the art technologies, we are offering hi-tech solutions to Vodafone clients in 6 European markets. The Budapest based centre started its operation in 2007. Now it serves as a Financial, Enterprise, Business Intelligence, HR and Sourcing HUB, continuously focusing on supporting and improving processes in 29 countries and offering solutions to 150+ Vodafone Enterprise Customers.

For more information, please visit www.vodafone.com/content/index.html.