Teo Galea, Colt Romania on Plans for 2019: “Grow Your People, Grow Your Business”

//Teo Galea, Colt Romania on Plans for 2019: “Grow Your People, Grow Your Business”

For Colt Romania, 2018 was a year of continued growth, a year that has brought us closer to our maturity phase.

Last year we completely refurbished our office, we reached over 140 employees and as a consequence, our turnover has increased, consolidating and further developing our existing teams.

We focused a lot on the employees’ well-being, creating various options and facilities for their personal development, as well as encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle.

We continued to significantly invest in training and development programs and offer growth and promotion opportunities to our personnel. We also succeeded in consolidating commercial and operational teams in Romania, that offer strategical support to Colt globally.

2019 will be a year for implementing the commitments we made,  and we expect this to be a more stable year, which will offer us the opportunity to focus on developing the autonomy level of our teams.

We will continue to explore and make use of development opportunities, where it is rational for the business and where it makes sense as part of our global strategy.

2019 is also the year when we will start delivering telecommunication services in the Eastern European market and consequently, in Romania.

When talking about challenges, the one we experienced since previous years and that we are sure will continue in 2019 is attracting talent. Also, we are vigilant and flexible, in order to efficiently be able to manage and implement any legislative, fiscal, legal or human resources related  changes.

In regards to the Telecom industry, in 2019 we challenge ourselves to become a credible partner for the clients in Eastern Europe, offering them the same quality services we already deliver in Western Europe, USA and Asia.

In our belief, the ones who activate in the Shared Service Centers and BPO area will continue to be an economical developing factor for Romania and we must maintain our role, to offer developing opportunities for the employees, constantly creating training programs, that will complement their knowledge and help them develop their abilities, as we strongly support the “Grow Your People, Grow Your Business” approach.”

Teo Galea

Country Manager

Colt Romania