[This Year We Will] CWS

//[This Year We Will] CWS

Roxana Maria Boangar, Administration Manager, CWS

  1. What was the most challenging thing your company, people, and you, personally, had to face in 2020?

2020 came with many changes in many ways for most of us. Some lost their jobs, some had to change domains, some have to move to different locations. For CWS Global Business Services was as surprising as was for the others, we had to shift within hours from the way we were organized at the office, in working from home, from interacting face to face and having morning coffees together, to online meetings and video calls.

I remember on 13th March 2020, the day we had to leave the office, was done such in a hurry to make sure that nobody is exposed to Covid-19. We didn’t know what to expect at „how much time we will be apart?”, „when we will return at the office?”, „we will ever comeback at the normality was before?”. Those questions were coming to us over and over again until today, with no certain answer, but one think we know for sure, nothing will be like it was before March 2020.

  1. What pleasantly surprised you last year? / What are you grateful for?

I am very pleasantly surprised how each of our colleagues had shown their best in doing the daily job and be as productive working from home as they were at the office. I am grateful that none of our team members had to suffer from this pandemic, both professional and medical and we continued to provide the same professional services like we did before.

  1. What are your plans and expectations for 2021?

For 2021 we are planning to comeback to the office, of course, if the situation will let us, respecting and keeping all the healthy measures because for us, the health & safety of our colleagues is our top priority. The expectation for this year is to enlarge our teams, to bring to Sibiu other types of activities and in a short while to become a center of excellence in Accounting and not only.

  1. What do you foresee it will be different this year and what impact it will have on our industry/Romania/your company/your people?

So far it does not feel like a big difference compared to the second half of last year. Expectations are still being defined; I think there are many companies waiting to see what the specialists have to say. I think that during this period, clients expect for developers to step up more into the shoes of a consultant and be able to advise them in choosing best solutions in relation to managing remote work, not settle only to their core business.

People should take care of themselves first so that they can take care of others as well. The time has not yet come to relax, we must analyse well what safety measures we implement in order not to endanger people’s health. I think that the presence of people at the office is crucial to maintain the culture of the organization, social interaction is important to maintain people’s mental health.

I think it’s good to go back to the office as long as office buildings are a safe work environment. If we do not take care of social interaction, we will see the long-term effects.

  1. What is your message for the ABSL community?

As a small growing business we are happy to be part of ABSL community and together with other remembers to create an environment of sharing experiences, challenges, lessons and new opportunities.

  1. What could we do to grow stronger as a community?

Sharing experiences, creating events for debating challenges and maintain a close communication with the members of the community.

  1. A message for ABSL or a suggestion.

We are new as members in this community but so far I have been very pleasantly surprised of the involvement, dedication, seriousity and professionalism of ABSL. Congratulations and keep up with the good work!