Timișoara: Working at Bosch Service Solutions

//Timișoara: Working at Bosch Service Solutions

Bosch Service Solutions in Timisoara delivers outsourcing high-quality services, as one of the main providers in Europe for the Bosch Group.

The main growth drivers of our location are represented by the customer centered approach, the high complexity of projects and the linguistic variety, which allows us to provide services in 18 international languages for fields like: technical help desk and IT consultancy, customer relationship management, financial and accounting services, order management and purchasing services for customers from different areas of activity.

Experienced specialists, fresh graduates or students showing potential and interest are all part of our community of associates. One of the strengths of the location in Timisoara is represented by the highly educated people, 98 percent of the associates having graduated the university or still being students. Professionalism combined with diversity as a core value lead us to being an environment where associates are valued for their skills and willingness to learn.

The company strengthen its position on the local market by recently accommodating all its associates under the same roof of the most modern office building in Timisoara. Since July 2018, the new office building offers the associates a total surface of 6,600 square meters spread over four floors, thus creating unity and synergy among colleagues and hosting better communication channels. This structure allowed us to provide optimal working conditions, by expanding the IWC (Inspiring Working Conditions) concept.

 The new offices have innovative and inspirational architectural elements that create a work environment which enhances human interaction and creativity among our associates”, says Gabriela Ile, Human Resources Manager at Bosch Service Solutions Timisoara.

Besides being conveniently located at a walking distance from the city center, the offices are part of an integrated contemporary lifestyle, proposed by the developer and equipped with car and bike parking, shopping centers and extended infrastructure to ease the access.

Bosch represents an interesting player on the market, when taking into consideration the mix of financial and non-financial benefits. In order to remain competitive and relevant to the local market, our associates benefit from modern working environment adapted to business requirements, access to cutting-edge technology and high quality learning programs, which give them extensive development opportunities and encourage career growth.

All associates enjoy the perks of flexible benefits, which can be used for reimbursement of transport expenses, medical services, sports activities and other services, meal tickets and exclusive discounts to various local services. Furthermore, Bosch Service Solutions offers flexible work hours and home office work possibilities to all its associates.

In order to encourage personal and professional development and meet the needs of its associates, Bosch Service Solutions Timisoara recently partnered with Bookster, an online library that delivers books directly to the office. The project turned out to be a success, taking into consideration that since its beginning, in September 2018, approximately 330 associates have read more than 1500 books and articles. Bosch offers a work culture and workplace environment to attract and retain talents and where the well-being of the associates is a commitment from their side.

Bosch Service Solutions division in Timisoara currently has several positions available, with different degrees of expertise, starting from juniors and fresh graduates to Senior/Expert positions, as well as leadership and managerial roles.

Just to give you a hint, we are looking for order management analysts with different languages, economists specialized in accounts payable, accounts receivables, general ledger accounting, and specialists in customer master data. In addition, IT tech support specialists, Purchasing Analysts, Internal Controllers with different languages, as well as team leaders, operational management jobs are part of our weekly vacancies that are promoted internally and externally through the social media channels, job sites and through the successful referral program.

We acknowledged from the beginning that our associates are the best resource we have. Therefore, Bosch Service Solutions created its own internal academy in Timisoara, a central educational hub that offers specific trainings to Bosch actual or potential associates. Approximately 90 trainees have graduated last year one of the development programs offered by Bosch Academy: Bosch 4 Beginners, Junior Accounting Program and Essential Managerial Toolkit for middle managers.

The company understands the importance of high-quality and relevant education for future skills generations and is therefore constantly involved in activities that sustain the relationship between education and business environment.

Since its founding, Bosch Service Solutions Timisoara has been one of the main partners of the West University of Timisoara by ensuring not only financial support, but also extra-curricular educational activities, and trainings for the students. Furthermore, we are also collaborating with a number of non-governmental organizations, which are part of the West University of Timisoara.