[Top Employers in the Business Services Industry] Luxoft

//[Top Employers in the Business Services Industry] Luxoft

Bogdan Pelinescu, Managing Director for Central Europe, Luxoft

  1. Tell us a few words about your company, services provided and type of roles you accommodate.

DXC Luxoft is the Analytics, Consulting and Engineering business unit of DXC Technologies, providing end-to-end technology solutions for mission critical systems, products and services.

In Romania we’ve been present for more than 20 years.  DXC Luxoft employees are involved in a variety of projects for key industries such as automotive, financial services and telecommunications. Most of our available positions are in the software development area. The most popular being Java, Angular, C/C++, DevOps and QA Automation but also business analysis and data engineering.

And the best thing about all of this is that you don’t need to live in Bucharest to join us. No matter which city in Romania you call home, you can be part of our amazing software development projects. Everything is done online. From the initial interviews and onboarding all the way up to team and client meetings.

  1. What makes your company a great place to work for?

I would say that the level of trust that our employees experience in their leaders is one of the key factors that make DXC Luxoft a great place to work. To reach this stage, we have gone through many processes and learned important lessons. We became more open to practicing empathy and transparent communication.  We developed leadership programs for those who wanted to improve their people management skills. Now we are very grateful to see how much these measures contributed to the personal and professional development of our employees.

Another key aspect which sets us apart is the effort and energy we put into developing our employees. We have over 200 technical courses for those who want to develop new skills or improve the current ones.

And last but not least we’ve implemented an internal mobility program where our colleagues can move to other projects when they feel the need for new challenges. It’s all part of our goal to make sure that our employees have plenty of opportunities for development. Do you want to make the switch from a technical role to a people management role? You can do that. Do you want to learn a new programming language or get a business certification? DXC Luxoft makes that possible.

  1. Give us more details about the company’s culture and working vibe/atmosphere.

We believe that the key to developing great software is having great people. That’s why we focus on creating a corporate culture that is fair, flexible, transparent and rewards collaboration.

Most of the leaders extend their mentorship to the point where they build their people’s confidence, coaching them to overcome both the professional and personal challenges. People are those who drive our organization’s performance and productivity, so we make sure we provide them with the best tools for their success while we map each individual’s career path.

Adding to our coaching practices, flexibility proved to be one of the main requisites for a happy work environment at DXC Luxoft.  It is a huge benefit, constantly recognized and appreciated by our employees on job portals, internal surveys and when recommending DXC Luxoft to others.

  1. Do you ensure career paths to your employees?

Devoting consistent time and resources to employee development has been a priority at DXC Luxoft for many years now. We have a Career Path Program that includes employee goals, assigned mentors, career roadmaps, and trainings.  Our leaders understand the importance of this practice and adhere to it. We are all working together to align our employee’s career goals with strategic ones. This not only helps us achieve our business goals, but it also boosts creativity and innovation in the teams.

  1. What trainings do you offer?

We have an internal department that is dedicated to training development and facilitation. As a result, DXC Luxoft employees have more than 300 courses at their disposal which they can use to develop either soft or technical skills.

The technical side includes trainings on programming, business analysis, project management or software architecture, just to name a few.

Apart from those, you can take part in courses which can teach you how to successfully facilitate a presentation, how to offer feedback efficiently or become more assertive in the way you communicate. Abilities which are critical for your professional development and have an impact on the projects you are part of.

For those that want to make the transition to a leadership role, we have more complex solutions to help them get ready for the challenges they will face.

Bottom line is that whether you decide to stick to a technical role, develop new skills or move to a leadership position, at DXC  Luxoft you have access to the resources you need to become a better version of yourself.

  1. You know how dynamic our industry is – so what is your strategy to keep your employees engaged, motivated and boost their creativity so they can innovate?

Making sure that your employees are engaged has never been easy. And with the pandemic, it has become even more complex. As a manager, you want your employees to take pride in what they do and in the company. So, the main focus was to build our strategy around team diversity and cooperation. We always make sure our employees have clear career roadmaps, and they know how the company is doing. This gives them the opportunity to develop new ideas for the weaker areas, and continue to be proactive when it comes to their stronger assets.

  1. Tell us more about your diversity and inclusion strategy.

The leaders in DXC Luxoft assemble teams based on many principles, and one of them is diversity. As their manager, you need to give your people the opportunity to show off their skills but also their creativity. Our main D&I projects cover topics such as age discrimination, integrating employees who return from parental leave, gender equality, and many more.

For instance, for the age discrimination pillar we organize workshops for managers, with tips and tricks on how to encourage diversity and the countless benefits that come from having a diverse team of people. Then we also have reskilling trainings for those who want to make a consistent change in their career.

Mutual mentoring is another effective practice that leads to a more equitable work environment.

For gender equality, we practice transparency when promoting leadership positions We also developed mentoring programs and we organized activities for She’s in IT, one of the most popular initiatives at DXC Luxoft.  And which won the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative of the Year awarded by  WomenTech Network in 2021.

  1. Our industry is well known for the employee’s benefits. Tell us more about the ones that you are offering (maybe something rare or unique).

The diversified project portfolio, the latest technologies, the people and the development opportunities. These are the most important benefits that are already part of DXC Luxoft’s DNA. And since December 2020 all these are accessible to any candidate in Romania, regardless of the city where he or she lives in.

  1. What did your employees appreciated in your offices and how do you think the working (from the office) environment will change post pandemic? What are the new top features?

Before the pandemic, people were happy to engage in team building activities and share their experiences, both failures as well as victories with their coworkers.

Our employees also enjoyed the gaming rooms and relaxation areas in our offices. In addition, our flexible work policies contributed to a relaxed environment and a sense of trust.  Although now it is much more difficult to develop  interpersonal relationships between employees, due to remote work, this context has given us the opportunity to rethink our internal activities and find the best ways to engage and develop a sense of belonging in our people. Our current agenda includes various virtual sessions for the mental well-being of our employee. From cooking and mixology classes to yoga or meditation, sport competitions, and CSR initiatives. And the good news is that our flexible work arrangements remained at the heart of our culture. This helped our business attract and retain good employees.

  1. Some of the employees appreciate WFH and also the flexibility it comes when choosing their location and program. Besides that, it’s a huge opportunity for companies to access new talent pools. Did your company consider working from anywhere? This includes anywhere in Romania or also abroad?

More than 60% of our roles are now remote, so we are currently hiring top talent at full speed from any city in Romania.

  1. Is there a channel/web page where people can learn more about your company and career opportunities?