[Top Employers in the Business Services Industry] Stefanini

//[Top Employers in the Business Services Industry] Stefanini

Andreea Miron, EMEA HR Manager, Stefanini

  1. Tell us a few words about your company, services provided and type of roles you accommodate.

We are a global company with 30 years of experience in the market, offering a robust selection of services, including automation, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and user experience (UX).

Today, we provide a broad portfolio of solutions, combining innovative consulting, marketing, mobility, personalized campaigns and artificial intelligence services with traditional solutions such as service desk, field service, and outsourcing (BPO). We maintain our excellence by investing in technological innovations, the best partnerships, acquisitions of companies worldwide, and the hiring of highly trained professionals.

We believe technology can revolutionize a company and innovation is essential to foster development and competitiveness. We also value new ideas and the power of an open mind, so we recognize every employee is essential to the quality of our projects and especially to our progress.

Taking into account the variety of IT services we are providing, we are recruiting different types of roles from entry-level profiles for level one support to cyber security specialists and developers working on different technologies.

  1. What makes your company a great place to work?

We recognize that the working environment has a direct impact on the personal and professional lives of our colleagues. When looking for a company to work for, people are increasingly less focused on the compensation and benefits package as their primary decision maker. Instead, what’s key is the chance to work in a safe environment that offers stability, supportive colleagues, personal development and opportunities to progress within the company.

It’s these same things that make Stefanini a great place to work, particularly our values, the chance to work with colleagues who are collaborative and helpful, as well as roles that challenge people and encourage them to grow and develop as an individual.

  1. Give us more details about the company’s culture and working vibe/atmosphere.

Stefanini, even as a large global company, has the spirit of an entrepreneurial start-up, by offering all of our employees the opportunity to make a genuine difference.

Our decisions and behaviors are driven by our core values: acting with integrity, respect, energy, positive attitude and focus on a sustainable outcome. At Stefanini, we believe listening to our colleagues is a key component of creating a great place to work.

Our employees’ dedication, accountability and discipline is what creates our working atmosphere, and we are proud to have a team that shares similar values, which translate into a positive vibe.

We are big enough to deliver and small enough to care: our colleagues are working in a global environment which offers them exposure to different areas of business, while their work is visible, and they feel that they can make an impact.

  1. Do you ensure career paths to your employees?

Stefanini strives to provide opportunities for staff members to advance in their careers. Our policies outline common avenues and conditions for moving within roles and stages in ways that facilitate growth and career advancement. In this way, people’s individual skills are developed and also play an important role in achieving the goals of both the department and the company.

The objectives set for our Career Programs are to strengthen the skills required in a current role, at a given stage, ensuring our top performers gain the opportunity to grow and perform more complex work. The program aims to attract and retain talented employees to a career not a job and to reduce staff turnover.

An important component of the Career Path is the training matrix, which is created based upon the blended learning methodology and contains both internal courses as well as eLearning content.

Apart from having the opportunity to develop vertically within the same role, our employees also have the chance to be part of internal recruitment processes and decide if they want to develop within the spectrum of our internal role opportunities.

  1. What training do you offer?

In terms of our Learning and Development offer, we are focused on fostering the growth of our employees using a blended learning methodology. We combine various learning methods to meet participants’ needs and preferred ways of learning. Tailored learning paths have been created for most of our internal roles, to support each individual with a clear and consistent path to growth from a professional and learning point of view. Our corporate training plan allows us to become closer to our employees, either through sessions delivered in class or online by corporate trainers. These sessions help spread our organizational culture and business standards, while also developing important business skills. We promote our training offering internally though short videos.

On top of this we are support our employee’s development with an eLearning Platform – Percipio – which allows us to make use of highly engaging content, curated into over 500 learning channels that are continuously updated. The platform offers the possibility to access more than 3,000 courses in a variety of formats, including audio and ebooks.

We also offer external training – in case there are any courses that cannot be provided by internal SMEs or certified trainers.

  1. You know how dynamic our industry is – so what is your strategy to keep your employees engaged, motivated and boost their creativity so they can innovate?

We are continuously working on building a culture, which is why we have launched the “Service Culture” program. This challenges our employees to analyze our processes and come up with ideas, which could be anything from that’s solving issues and upgrading processes to improving quality and reducing errors. We also involve employees in the implementation part so that they are part of the success of the company and are encouraged to act as entrepreneurs within the business.

Also, we are constantly adapting our strategy to our employees’ wishes – we are running surveys – with different recurrency: quarterly/annually or with different granularity: per company/per project/per division – which are helping us to give a voice to our employees and identifying the factors which will hopefully encourage them to stay with us. These surveys allow us to develop and implement actions based on the feedback received and support one of our main beliefs: be ethical and match your words with your actions

We strive to be the best at what we do, both in the eyes of our customers and our coworkers, which includes our approach to employee development, engagement, motivation, and recognition. In order to motivate and recognize the performance of our colleagues, we have different programs: Employee of the Quarter, Seniority Awards and we are working together with our clients in order to define project-specific rewards, such as performance incentives.

  1. We’re all unique, so how do you succeed to answer to different needs that your employees might have?

We run annual engagement surveys to understand the needs of our colleagues and to adapt our strategy to these. Each year we have an action plan that is developed based on the feedback we have gathered at company level, but also at project/team level. In our company, it’s a normal process to ask for feedback before deciding on something that will affect our colleagues, such as our return to the office plan.

Also, the management team is close to their teams, and has a flexible approach when it comes to our employees’ wishes.

  1. Tell us more about your diversity and inclusion strategy.

We are a global company that offers opportunities for all people, independently of their age, gender, or nationality. Moreover, due to our field of activity, we have opportunities for people who speak different languages and we support cross-culture connections. An example of our approach to diversity is the gender split in the board team, which is 50% male and 50% female.

In terms of our inclusion strategy, we as a company consider it our responsibility to give something back to the community and in this regard, we are running different initiatives with the involvement of our colleagues and we are offering financial support to the NGO Stefanini Institute, which provides  educational support to underprivileged young people.

  1. Our industry is well known for the employee’s benefits. Tell us more about the ones that you are offering (maybe something rare or unique).

What we consider to be unique in terms of benefits is the freedom offered by the company for our employees to choose what works best for them. In this regards, we provide our employees with a benefits package that allows them to choose the way they want to spend the budget allocated by the company – vacation vouchers, cultural vouchers or training courses are just some of the benefits they can choose.

  1. What did your employees appreciated in your offices and how do you think the working (from the office) environment will change post pandemic? What are the new top features? 

For sure, the most appreciated thing was the social interaction, being able to catch up properly with colleagues and of course our corporate events that brought us together. Post pandemic, employers will change the approach when it comes to their premises – the offices will have more collaborative rooms and dedicated desk areas for people coming to the office.

In terms of the new top features, new applications are already on the market, such as a desk booking application, which is giving employees freedom and choice over their working space.

  1. Some of the employees appreciate WFH and also the flexibility it comes when choosing their location and program. Besides that, it’s a huge opportunity for companies to access new talent pools. Did your company consider working from anywhere? This includes anywhere in Romania or also abroad?

We had adopted this approach in Romania before the pandemic and we don’t have any limitations – we are recruiting everywhere.

We are taking advantage of the fact that we have entities in different countries, which allows us to recruit and hire everywhere, and also to offer our colleagues the opportunity to relocate.

  1. Do you intend to have specific benefits for the ones that choose one way of working or another?

We’ve not made any specific decisions on this – we are currently developing a ‘hybrid’ working model, which for sure will ensure employees’ needs are met however they choose to work.

  1. Is there a channel/web page where people can learn more about your company and career opportunities?

Yes, we have an official web page: https://stefanini.com/en