UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions, a new member of the Association of Business Services Leaders in Romania

//UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions, a new member of the Association of Business Services Leaders in Romania

Bucharest, August 8, 2015 – The Association of Business Services Leaders in Romania (ABSL), the leading organization representing the local business services, announces a new member service provider in the field of information technology and communications (ICT) UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions. ABSL currently comprises about 30 member companies in the business processes outsourcing industry (BPO), shared service centers (SSC), computer services outsourcing (ITO) and research and development (R & D) and 10 strategic partners.

“ABSL is constant supporting the business services industry expansion and transformation in a strategic area for the local economy. Thus, we continue our efforts to attract new members to join the common objectives of the association, like UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions. The Association of Business Services Leaders in Romania is involved in building a new vision of the importance of Romania at international level, and one of our approaches is the key annual event, which brings together representatives of the most important companies in the service sector for businesses and organizations supporting sustainable development of the industry”, said Florin Grama, President of ABSL Romania.

UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions, the global services company of UniCredit Group created by the integration and consolidation of 16 companies of the Group is dedicated to providing services in the sectors of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Back Office, Real Estate, Security and Procurement.

The main objective of the company is to provide maximum value to customers by developing an unique and innovative operating model through the integration and use of new methodologies, synergies and economies of scale, combining different approaches that rely on the skills and experience of employees for getting a better service by effective Business, confirming the key areas of IT and Operations for the Group’s commercial strategy.

“ABSL is the largest organization of local services sector in Romania and the ideal environment to create a solid platform for collaboration and exchange of best practices in business process management and IT. I firmly believe that through this partnership we will work to develop the conditions necessary to create the best context that will ensure continued success of the services sector in Romania”, said Girolamo Antonucci, Branch Manager UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions ScPA, Romania Branch.

Part of ABSL Romania are major organizations in the field of regional and international profile: Accenture Services, APT Resources & Services, Automobile Dacia, AWP Romania, CBRE Real Estate Consultancy, Connections Consult, DB Schenker, EUCOM Business Language, Genpact Romania, Global Remote Services, Hewlett Packard Global Business Center, Luxoft Professional Romania, Microsoft Romania, Office Depot Service Center, Optima Solutions Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers Services, Process Solutions, Société Generale European Business Services, Stefanini Romania, TELUS International Europe, UCMS Group Romania, UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions, Valoris Center, Vauban, Vodafone Shared Services Romania, Wipro, WNS Global Services and the association’s Strategic Partners are ACCA, Colliers International, Corporate Office Solutions, Fine Law, Hays Talent Solutions, I-Future, KPMG, McCann PR, Mikomax and Skanska.


About ABSL Romania

The Association of Business Services Leaders in Romania is the largest organization representing the business services sector in Romania, which covers the most important companies in the areas of Shared Services Center (SSC), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), IT Outsourcing (ITO) and Research and Development (R & D). ABSL Romania aims at developing and transforming the business services industry as an integrated part of economic growth in Romania through collaboration with industry and by involving the authorities and interest groups.

ABSL Romania aim is to support long-term development and dynamic growth of the business services sector and, at the same time, to increase the attractiveness of Romania for investment and development of outsourcing and offshoring projects. ABSL wants to boost interaction and cooperation of the industry by facilitating the exchange of knowledge, experience and best practices. ABSL supports entrepreneurship, assess legislative options to improve the economic environment and helps to adapt the requirements of business by recommending changes in the educational system in Romania. The association cooperates with local and central authorities and the business community in order to provide mutual support and strengthen the involvement of local communities.

The board of ABSL is represented by Florin Grama, director, Customer Service & Support at Microsoft Romania, Vivek Bakshi, general manager of International Operations within Wipro, Andrei Romanescu, managing director of HP Global Business Center, Catalin Iorgulescu, managing director of WNS Romania, Daniel Bratu, deputy operations in Genpact, Cosmin Pătlăgeanu, marketing manager at Luxoft Romania, and Giulio Medda, general manager of Office Depot Service Center. Catalin Ciupercescu is the operations manager and Dana Isaroiu the general secretary.

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Alexandra Crivăţ, McCann PR

About UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions

The company has approximately 10,000 employees and operating in 11 countries: England, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, as well as subsidiaries in New York and Singapore. Founded in 2005 with 250 employees, dedicated mainly to activities like Master Data Management, Correspondent Banking and Payments for the Italian back office, the Romania Branch has gradually expanded the scope of activities in countries such as Romania, Germany and Austria, today managing new strategic portfolios for the Group and innovative projects in the ICT sector. UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions – Romania Branch has two offices in Bucharest and Iasi and about 1,400 employees at the average age of 30 years. The office in Bucharest was founded in 2005, focusing 63% of the employees, and the one in Iasi in 2007 where are the last 37% of the employees.