Practicalities in RPA adoption – an insightful event

//Practicalities in RPA adoption – an insightful event

ABSL organised the “Practicalities in RPA adoption” knowledge-sharing event on March 13th at Petrom City. More than 70 people from over 20 companies were present at the event, curious to find out more about successful stories, benefits and obstacles brought by the development and implementation of RPA.

Member companies of ABSL shared some of their experiences and lessons which came through the application of RPA to certain business processes. Some recommend the establishment of a Center of Excellence, which can support the development of RPA technology by providing training in order to identify opportunities, others pointed out the value added by the mixing of Robotics RPA tools in order to make the best out of automation.

As digital labour is expanding its influence on organisations, so is the human workforce increasing its adaptability to new technologies and business processes.