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Mission, Vision, Strategy


ABSL’s mission is to enhance principles and objectives within the Business Services Sector, engage authorities and other stakeholders, and promote Romania as one of the most attractive locations for Business Services.

ABSL Romania Mission

A few of ABSL’s achievements are

  • Nearly 2500 Participants at the 6 Annual Conferences organized by ABSL, also bringing to the dialogue representatives of 8 ministries, 90 speakers and 60 journalists
  • One University Master Program of Business Services at the Academy of Economical Studies, with the support of 14 members
  • 5 Annual Industry Reports and one Salary Survey (2017)
  • Over 350 articles published, promoting Business Services to Romanian key opinion leaders, generating interest towards the industry and engaging in dialogue
ABSL Gala Awards 2016


ABSL Romania aims to lead the Business Services Sector’s expansion and transformation into an integral part of Romania’s economic growth.

ABSL Romania’s goal is to support the long-term development and dynamic growth of the business services sector and increase investment attractiveness of Romania as a leading localization for outsourcing and offshoring projects. It aims to enhance industry principles and objectives, by facilitating the exchange of knowledge and best practices.

ABSL Priorities and Activities

Enhance industry principles and objectives

  • Platform for information exchange

  • Drive market insights and intelligence

  • Define sector priorities to enable long term growth

  • Act as reference body and thought leader for our industry

Develop and deepen cooperation with authorities and education system

  • Define and provide mutual investment support

  • Evaluate legislative improvement opportunities

  • Help adapt education to business requirements

  • Strengthen involvement in local communities

Strengthen positive image of the Sector

  • Broaden general understanding of sector and its contribution

  • Attract the best talent for our industry

  • Proactively work with media/journalists

  • Participate in selected events

ABSL Strategy is Executed Trough