Careers in Business Services at Bosch Service Solutions Timișoara

//Careers in Business Services at Bosch Service Solutions Timișoara

Careers in Business Services Industry – Bosch Service Solutions Timișoara

“I am Andra Marcos, Global Project Manager at Bosch Service Solutions Timișoara, the company I started working with in 2010. My career path within Bosch followed the intuitive steps, from an entry-level position as an agent, to lead agent, the team leader and then operations manager. Even though I enjoyed every minute of it, I felt there was more for me to discover in order to understand the complexity of a global service. Therefore, in the last three years, I found myself managing a project that successfully achieved a state of the art business service.

The fact that Bosch has been a top employer for the last year, is already proof our company reached a certain level of maturity and wants more. Just as Bosch did, the local BPO & SSC industry never stopped growing. The range of activities and their complexity on the local and regional market have increased enormously over the last 10 years.

I have always appreciated that Bosch gave me the chance to define my own path, to implement my own professional agenda, by making things simple with every step of the way. One of the most important lessons is that if you really want something and constantly work for it, it is doable! Just believe in yourself, work your way up and the Bosch universe will guide you.”

Careers in Business Services Industry – Bosch Service Solutions Timișoara

“My name is Teodora Teodorescu and I am a Virtual Marketing Expert @ Bosch Service Solutions Timisoara. I graduated in Anthropology three years ago, from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland and came back to Romania to apply what I have learned.
I joined Bosch one year ago, as the first person recruited for the newly formed team that provides communication concepts for our global communications platform. Bosch is the first corporation that I am working with and to be honest, I was quite afraid I would get lost in the process. Nevertheless, it turned out to be incorrect, I really enjoy the flexibility and friendly approach of the management. It encourages me to be creative and see the bigger picture when I provide solutions to colleagues from around the world. Equipped with excellent communication skills and being customer-oriented is necessary in order to ensure that everyone has a smooth interaction with our global communications platform. As the business service industry and our team are constantly moving forward, so are my prospects in terms of career path.”