Business Services & Innovation: Bosch Service Solutions Timișoara

//Business Services & Innovation: Bosch Service Solutions Timișoara

We invite you to read an article by Alexandru Colhon, Information System Designer and RPA Ambasador at Bosch Service Solutions Timisoara. Have a good read!

RPA – an important step toward digital transformation

One of our Bosch Service Solutions Timisoara newest projects, launched in 2018, is the RPA project. RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a relatively new technology, capable of eliminating boring and repetitive tasks, performing them at a better quality and with much greater speed. It works like a digital assistant by clearing simple tasks that eat up a good part of every office worker’s day.

Since last year, Bosch Service Solutions Timisoara managed to certify 7 RPA developers, creating the basis for its own Center of Excellence. Over the past months, the company identified over 20 processes (internal and customer processes) where RPA will bring an advantage. The solutions developed by the team are project-specific, personalized to the needs of the client. The location from Timisoara is responsible for the entire process, from gathering and analyzing information, process mapping, process optimization, testing and implementation, as well as creating the concept for support and maintenance.

Bosch Service Solutions wins Technology Leadership Award

In December 2018, the well-known consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan has honored Bosch Service Solutions with the Technology Leadership Award for its exemplary best practices customer management BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) in Europe. In particular, Frost & Sullivan praised the use of the company’s innovative Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in global automation. These are not only implemented at Bosch Service Solutions, but also form part of the company’s strategy. As the Bosch division is optimizing its complex processes, there will be positive knock-on effects for customers such as increasing employee satisfaction.

Bosch does not see automation as a threat

The company division is not concerned with the use of technology as a means to replacing employees. Rather, the goal of automation is to create an ideal combination of human resources and technology. The aim is to enhance the customer experience, increase employee satisfaction, and help foster new business models.

This year, Bosch Engineering Center Cluj held an open-day event called Bosch Future Mobility Day, with the aim to showcase the latest technologies Bosch has been working on, in an easy-to-understand manner. The RPA team joined the event in order to raise awareness regarding the benefits of using RPA, what type of tasks are better suited for this technology and present some use-cases where RPA brings significant improvements.