[Business Services & Innovation] Eucom – a Romanian company supporting the industry

//[Business Services & Innovation] Eucom – a Romanian company supporting the industry

We had the pleasure to discuss with Silviu Dragomir, Founder & Managing Partner at Eucom Business Language and learnt about how their company is innovating. Enjoy!

The age of computers ruling the world is here. Innovation plays a key role in almost every aspect of our lives, including education. Traditional education is not as efficient as it used to be. Technology in language learning transforms students from passive recipients to active learners and allows more profound and enriching linguistic immersion. For young learners it is much more stimulating to learn using a tablet or smartphone than a traditional textbook and its CD of practice exercises.

We are continuously trying to meet the needs of companies through innovative and personalized programs. We enthusiastically fulfill the mission of being a Bridge to the World for booming companies.

The main areas of innovation are optimizing and digitalizing all the internal processes in order to be more agile and improve. We are constantly trying to find solutions for problems that have not yet been addressed. Our programs are designed in Romania but they serve worldwide markets. For us, adaptation has always been crucial.

In the last 10 months only, our company has invested over 150k euros in R&D/innovation programs.

Acknowledging the impact that technology can have on foreign language training, in April, Eucom launched AGILE LEARNING, a personalized training program which brings together digitalized training solutions, the human touch and relevant content. AGILE LEARNING is a premium mix which involves: 1 face-to-face session/week with EUCOM trainers; unlimited access to our eLearning portal, coaching, assigning resources, monitoring and feedback from the trainer, real-time reports and an HR monitoring portal. It is a program characterized by transparency and flexibility, which provides real-time training reconfiguration, and an accelerated learning process.

Another innovative project that we are proud of is our Online Language Assessment Platform, that offers results and reports in real time. We assess language skills in over 20 languages with a team of over 35 language assessors. The platform sends our client an automated email with each candidate’s results as soon as they have completed the online language use test or have been assessed for their speaking skills. The platform saves up to 70% of the time required for the recruitment process.

These two projects have been successful as a result of careful planning and the talent and collaboration of their team members. Each project was assigned to a specific team of 8-10 specialists, who worked together to make sure the projects would achieve their objectives. Their level of creativity and seniority and their sense of innovation made us decide to hire local talent exclusively and we are very proud of our choice.

For the past 6 months, we have been designing a CRM solution tailored for our company. With this software, our clients have quick, direct access, from any device, to any real-time data they need, such as their employees’ training progress. Another advantage is that the platform is highly user-friendly.

Many of our clients decide to launch projects or to test platforms in Romania because they find a very high level of adaptability and digitalization here, and a very good level of language proficiency.

The major changes and challenges of our industry in terms of innovation are digitalizing and optimizing all the processes, and also finding the right talent and of course, changing the mindset.