Careers in Business Services: DXC Technology Bucharest

//Careers in Business Services: DXC Technology Bucharest

Ungureanu Lavinia – Operation Manager – DXC Technology Bucharest

My name is Lavinia and I am currently working as an Operation Manager in the Order to Cash space. I have been part of the industry for 8 years and I feel I am the perfect example of the opportunities for development and growth within the Business Service area. My career started when taking a role as a back office financial analyst and during the next years, I have slowly made my way through all the positions available in the OTC department.  All my career changes brought a keen a understanding of the E2E process and have helped me grow. Looking back, I think the main skills that helped me progress are the ability to adapt to change, openness to feedback and last but not least, my communication skills which were actually a learned skill and not a natural one. As a manager, I am also a strong believer in transparency, empathy- since as a leader, you need to support people in their career, but also passion in helping your team grow.



Bradin, Octavian Alexandru – Junior Financial Analyst – DXC Technology Bucharest

My name is Octavian Bradin, I have a bachelor’s degree in economics from Bucharest University of Economic Studies and I am a Junior Financial Analyst, within DXC Technology. I am very curios and meticulous person, and the reason why I chose this industry is that I wanted a very dynamic and constantly changing work environment, and I discovered that DXC Technology is the place to be.

A few things that I like about DXC is that, they focus on people, and they invest in them, also I have been welcomed by everybody in the company, and whenever I had a question, someone was willing to help me. In my opinion, this company offers a variety of career opportunities, allowing and providing the means necessary for you to develop yourself and grow.





Macari Ana – Senior Reporting Financial Planning Analysis – DXC Technology Bucharest


I have been working for more than 4 years in Business Services Industry, most of them in HPE/ DXC Technology Romania (3 years). HPE/DXC has changed my professional life entirely and has given me the chance to grow from a shy junior to a confident senior in a very short time. This environment has created and provided a lot of opportunities to learn, challenge myself, as well as the trust that “I can do it”, pushing my limits – my efforts and dedication gets paid off. In just 3 years I have gained exposure to the Senior Management Team from Western Europe and the confirmation that my work is appreciated and valuable.