Careers in Business Services – Samsung SSC Europe

//Careers in Business Services – Samsung SSC Europe

Georgeta Tanasescu – Team Leader Finance [Samsung SSC Europe]

“In 2016 when Samsung opened their first Shared Service Center in Romania, I joined the team in as Senior Accountant.

At that point I already had 9 years experience in accounting, 2 working in a BPO and 7 in accounting for a retailer. Being 7 years in the same company and mainly in the same role, I never imagined what challenge I have accepted when moving in this industry.

After 1 year and a half, the first challenge was taking a new role in company as Subject Matter Expert. This new role offered me the opportunity to grow, to learn, but in the same time to create and add value and efficiency in the processes. The new role offered me the chance to explore, to manage transition of the processes in Finance, to be trained, but in the same time to be trainer.

And the growth didn’t stop here…

Now, after 3 years of Samsung I am freshly appointed as Team Leader for Finance where I am managing operations and people for 12 Subsidiaries.

Looking back also to my career in business services, I can really tell that this industry is growing fast and is growing people once with it.

The peoples searched by this industry are people with linguistic skills, especially strong knowledge of English, MS Office skills and depending on the field, Financial, IT, Payroll or Customer Services. Moreover, adaptability and attention to detail, communication and leadership are interpersonal skills needed.

The big challenge in business services industry is the dynamic with which the things are happening comparing with other industries. In business services industry we are talking about innovation, automatization and creativity.

And, if I should describe in 3 words this industry these will truly be: innovative, creative and challenging.”

Alexandra Simion – Sr. Analyst Cashback Operations [Samsung SSC Europe]

“I am Alexandra. I joined Samsung SSC Europe as a senior analyst in the newly formed Cashback operations team, after having worked in various sectors across the public and private sector in the UK.

I completed my postgraduate studies in international relations at the University of Nottingham, UK and was also awarded an Erasmus study placement in the prestigious Institute of political sciences (Sciences Po) in Paris as part of my undergraduate degree. With a social sciences education, I developed both my professional and soft skills working on projects related to business support in the non-profit sector and the French-speaking world.

I chose to become part of the shared services sector because of the diversity and exposure associated with a role in the industry, as well as the cross-cultural side of my role. It constantly teaches me to act and react while getting things done quickly and smoothly.

I think to be able to make a good professional in the shared services industry you need to develop resilience to the new, be highly adaptable and have a deep understanding of the cross-cultural dimension of your work. You also need specific skills, such as knowing your way around complex systems and diplomacy to deal with complex situations. It is an environment where things change often and quickly so you need to be able to keep up and adapt in a way that you will still give a top professional performance.

I know I have the opportunity to grow and progress within Samsung and move onto both expert and managerial positions because of the nature of my work and I feel confident that I am given the necessary support to accomplish my professional goals.”