Careers in Business Services: TELUS International

//Careers in Business Services: TELUS International

TELUS International

Nowadays, building a successful career is more than getting promoted or earning more money – it’s about finding a workplace that nurtures both professional and personal development and where people share the same values. TELUS International meets these expectations and a lot more – it offers the chance to work for a company with a caring culture that places people at its core and gives back to the community.

This is the case for Liviu Lungu, who joined TELUS International in 2014, as a frontline team member. Noticing his great potential, he was soon promoted to Team Manager and earned his Coach certification under the Coaching for Excellence program. After several more promotions, Liviu now handles the implementation of new clients, as Transition Manager, and believes this is a great opportunity: “Out of all the positions I’ve had, this is the most challenging and requires a high level of multitasking, but it came with the highest exposure in the organization as well,” says Liviu.

A good example of TELUS International’s philosophy in terms of building a career by continuously learning and developing your skills is Bogdan Toma. Close to celebrating a decade with TELUS International, Bogdan says he’s an “information sponge,” constantly picking up new bits of information. He describes the TELUS International experience as a mix between stability and ongoing learning. Bogdan started working as a frontline team member in 2010 and now he is a Supervisor and Team Lead of a special project.

At TELUS International, professional development is once more enabled through the variety of choices and diversity. Mădălina Aldea, who joined the company in 2015, started as a customer service team member and after only three months became an Office Administrator. Two years later, she was promoted to Executive Assistant and now she is an important part of the Marketing team. “At TELUS International, I’ve learned to embrace change, because only by stepping out of my comfort zone could I develop, both personally and in my career,” says Mădălina.

“Do your work with your whole heart and you will succeed,” is Raluca Vasile’s motto. She joined TELUS International in 2014 as a member of the Sales team and, after seven months, she was promoted to Quality Controller and Trainer. Today, Raluca leads the Customer Experience and Training team from Craiova. After five years within the company, Raluca says that “success isn’t a secret, you pay attention to detail, strive towards your goals and you can never go wrong when you have a great team to work with.”

Ruxandra Toma, Talent Acquisition consultant, joined TELUS International in 2016 as Office Administrator, and soon after she was promoted to frontline team member. When a position opened within the Recruitment Department, Ruxandra applied and now she is facing what she calls her “biggest challenge and the best professional experience.” She is always eager to learn, because she thinks that “no matter how successful you are in your career there is always room for growth, and you are never done learning. At TELUS International, I have found many learning opportunities that are helping me through my professional journey.”