The S (Social) in ESG, at the Heart of the Business Services Industry

//The S (Social) in ESG, at the Heart of the Business Services Industry
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The Business Services industry in Romania has always placed people at its core. The quality of its workforce is what attracted the first investors. Over time, the principles and ethical code of companies, along with the need to retain employees and the pressure to respond to people’s desire for impact (and to belong to a responsible company), have led to the emergence of employee well-being programs, to diversified benefits, community involvement, implementation of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies, equal opportunities, periodic measurement of customer satisfaction, and the application of fair treatment measures for customers and suppliers.

ABSL and Skanska invites you to participate to “The S (Social) in ESG, at the Heart of the Business Services Industry” Round Table, to learn from best practices and share ideas.

As a starting point, we invited 3 experts from 3 companies to tell us about some of their projects:

  • Irina Samosca, Director Support Engineering EMEA, Microsoft Romania
  • Ioana Botezatu, Head of CSR for Societe Generale Global Solution Centre, Romania & India
  • Teodora Todoran, PhD Associate VP, L&D Lead Europe and Americas, Wipro Technologies

The event will be facilitated by Manuela Özdemir – Project Manager at Skanska’s commercial development business unit in CEE.

The session has a limited number of participants, in order to give all our guests, the possibility to share, find information and interact with each other.

Participation will be made on a first come, first served basis.

THIS IS A MEMBERS-ONLY EVENT. If your company would like to become an ABSL member, e-mail us at