Join the CSR Journey with Ecaterina and ABSL team!

//Join the CSR Journey with Ecaterina and ABSL team!

Dear members of ABSL,

While looking ahead at the future of work, the next generation of workforce is looking, among others, to have a significant impact in the world, to fight for a cause in which they believe in. This is why it is imperative for companies to adapt, become more flexible and agile in the way of doing business, in a manner thoughtful for the environment and society in which they do business.

With this in mind, I call for a joint venture, fellow members, in building on this social responsibility pillar. The opportunities that lie ahead call for a structured approach and working in close collaboration, as with a task force. While we might not save the world’s problems through CSR, acting together benefits both society as well as our organizations in terms of innovation, cost saving, brand differentiation, long-term  strategy, customer and also employee engagement.

Join us in this journey of transforming our community to one where individuals prosper and companies flourish. Whether you would  like to work on this new ABSL CSR stream or contribute to a specific project with resources, do let us know in an email at or to