[Meet Our Industry Ambassadors] – Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Romania

//[Meet Our Industry Ambassadors] – Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Romania

Laura Gavrila, Communication Manager – Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Romania

As the Communication Manager of Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Romania, my primary instinct is to first talk about the company and then about myself. 😊

I will follow that impulse!

DTSE Romania is part of DTSE SE, the shared services center of the Deutsche Telekom Group. Our vision is to be the first-choice service provider by becoming the leading digital Telco and driving business profitability with happy customers and dedicated employees. In our day-to-day operational activity, we serve 12 countries (23 distinct legal entities), with close to 400 employees, in the following domains: HR (Inquiry Management, Employee Data Administration, Recruiting, Learning & Training, Compensation & Benefit), Financial, and Reporting.

Phew! Now I can talk about myself. 😂

My name is Laura Gavrilă and, as mentioned, I have been the Communication Manager at DTSE RO since 2020. My background is very diverse, as I studied languages and multimedia production, worked for a good part of my career as a front-end web developer and graphic designer, and dabbled with translation and content creation. In fact, my professional life started as a translator for a small web agency, where I shadowed my colleagues and learned the first concepts of front-end web development, and graphic design. From there, my studies brought me to Bucharest and opened new horizons in terms of jobs. My main tendency was to choose small agencies and small companies, that’s where I felt safe and because of my belief that corporations were the death of the soul. I didn’t see myself working anywhere else.

As a matter of fact, DTSE RO is my first corporation, and, to my VERY big surprise, it was love at first sight. The hiring process was very smooth and efficient, the location was great, but most importantly, just glancing at the offer they sent, I realised that this is a company that values its employees. Over the years, I was proven right, as DTSE is the perfect place to perform and grow, there are overwhelmingly many development and growth opportunities, and the work environment is very friendly, open, and inclusive. In this environment, my potential was multiplied exponentially, and I was able to grow beyond my objectives.

Looking back, I can pinpoint some valuable lessons. Realising these lessons can also be translated as the key moments of my career so far. As cliche as they might sound, I learned that I need to leave my comfort zone if I want to grow, I need to keep an open and curious mind, and, given the time and resources, I can do anything I set my mind to. With these lessons in mind, there are a few areas that I would like to develop and explore more in the near future: public speaking/event moderation, consultation and, because I am obsessed with efficiency, process automation.

Work is important to me; I am motivated and feel rewarded by work I can take pride in. Equally important is my personal life, though. I am an incorrigible hobby collector. 😂 Trying new crafts, solving puzzles, playing music, and drawing/painting are my main sources of relaxation. I also try (although I am not very enthusiastic about it) to practice some type of physical activity regularly: snowboarding, swimming, and yoga, being my first choices.

There isn’t much I would change about my professional path because it’s what led me here, to a happy place. Nevertheless, I do have some advice for all the young Lauras out there starting their careers: absorb as much knowledge as you can (from all areas), build a professional and personal support network, find yourself at least one mentor, learn how to manage your time, build your personal brand, take shameless credit for your work, make yourself visible, never stay in a toxic work environment, learn to say “NO”, expand your comfort zone, and, above all else, BE BRAVE.

Cristina Ionescu, International Marketing & Events Manager – Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Romania

Hello, my name is Cristina Ionescu-Taifas and I have been part of DTSE Romania since January 2015, and in my current position – International Marketing & Events Manager at Deutsche Telekom Services Europe (DTSE) – since August 2022.

DTSE is a Shared Service Center with more than 3500 employees, with offices in 10 locations situated in 4 countries. In Romania, there are offices in Bucharest and Timisoara.

My career started in 2003 in the banking industry. I entered the banking system through a management trainee programme that recruited freshly graduated students with the best academic credentials. I received a 6-week training and was evaluated afterwards, and since I was in the top 5, I had the chance to choose my own job. As I always envisioned a career in the marketing & communication area for myself, I chose to work in the Marketing Head Office. In the first years, I was more focused on creative tasks, but with years passing by, I noticed that my strength lies in brand strategy. I still stand by that conclusion.

Looking back at my professional development, my first key moment was when I joined Alpha Bank and started to work both in retail and corporate marketing. The retail component brought new perspectives and insights. Having multi-million-dollar budgets gave me the opportunity to work on different projects and experience an incredibly competitive market.

My second key moment was when I worked as a freelance consultant for a few years. This was an eye-opening experience that made me realise I work better on growing a brand long-term and not project-based.

Lastly, the third key moment was when I got back from maternity leave and had to adapt to a new world. The pandemic situation, working from home, and all the recent technology have significantly changed the working environment. I am still struggling to adapt.

Nevertheless, there is a lesson to be learned in everything, and from my perspective, the most valuable lessons are:

  1. Be flexible. Especially in the early years, I easily fell in love with some creative concepts, and I had a tough time letting them go.
  2. Don’t lose sight of the big picture. This way new ways to achieve the objectives can be found.
  3. Be fair. To you. To the others, to the Universe.

After 15 years in the banking industry, switching to the Business Services industry came naturally.

The top reasons for choosing this company were:

  • I liked the brand, and I saw myself developing it. Telekom’s brand values resonate with mine. I love the magenta colour and spirit.
  • I joined the company in its early years, and the vibe of a start-up combined with the power of a big corporation was a cocktail I couldn’t refuse.
  • The multicultural environment. My previous job, before Telekom, was in Western Union where I fell in love with the multicultural environment, and I was very happy to find it here as well.

I don’t regret the decisions that brought me here, but if I were starting my career now, I think I would go one step back and prepare myself for Architecture instead of Economics. The innovations we have within the construction industry, with the right amount of creativity and proper knowledge, can create astonishing buildings. The way we live and work could be supported and improved with the right setup, and I would have loved to be part of that. Artificial intelligence will replace a lot of things, but the creative part based on empathy with other humans is irreplaceable. At least for now. 😊

In terms of skills, the top 3 skills I want to develop are creative thinking, project management, and leadership. Aside from that, I am quite busy in my personal life as well. I am the mom of a 2-year-old girl, and I love every moment. I married and had my child in my early 40s, so I divide my time and energy between family and my new international role because I have waited so long for this. I am passionate about coaching, travelling, and the arts. For me, relaxing is when I am on the beach, enjoying the sea, and when I can plan. This gives me a feeling of control and relaxation, knowing that I am on track with my objectives/tasks.

To conclude, here are my main practical advice to young professionals: I would focus more on new technologies, I would marry and have kids earlier in life, I would travel as much as I can, I would focus more on my health, I would avoid giving up on a direction just because others said so, and I would avoid working in toxic environments/teams.

Ciprian Tudosa, Site Manager – Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Romania

Greetings from Timișoara! I am Ciprian Tudosa, Site Manager in Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Romania (DTSE RO) Timișoara since December 2016. Our focus, in this second office where I manage 220 employees, is HR Administration services.

Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Romania’s vision can be summarised as follows:

“We are the first-choice service provider by realising the leading digital Telco and driving business profitability with happy customers and dedicated employees”.

Of course, this is not achievable without having clear and well-defined, yearly objectives on innovation, digitalization and automation.

I started my career as a telecom engineer, first as a technician at an Internet Service Provider, then as a network engineer. Developing my leadership skills, I advanced to network department head in the same ISP, then Operations Manager in a Managed Services project at Alcatel, Project Manager and Team Lead of the Project management department at Atos, Transition Lead at Alcatel HR Shared Service Centre, Head of HR Shared Service Centre Timisoara at Accenture, and now the present position.

While my career path has followed a natural course, my defining career moment was when I joined Alcatel. My previous background was working in a rather small national business, and within Alcatel, a multinational company, I had the chance to work with and learn from other experienced people, as well as benefit from their guidance, which led me to my current position.

I didn’t necessarily choose to work in the BPO/SSC sector, but I maintained the course within the telecom industry. Working for Deutsche Telekom AG, one of the most important players in the telecom market, with a stable presence in many countries, and having the chance to build a new Service Centre from the start was an opportunity hard to refuse. I’ve grown a lot since taking this position, and the learning never stops! The three most valuable lessons, for me, were listening more, having patience, and acting—any decision is better than no decision.

However, I am on a constant path of improvement, broadening my skillset, especially in terms of sales, marketing, and communication. As I am rather a man of action, with a technical background, I need to listen and better understand the challenges before I act.

Alongside my professional development, I dedicate a balanced amount of time to my personal life. I have a passion for nature, and I am glad that my wife and my 2 boys (6 and 9 years old) also share this hobby. In the winter we ski, in the summer we hike, and, whenever I have a few moments for relaxation, I play the guitar and read.

In my experience, it is impossible to achieve professional success without investing in your personal life. It’s what keeps you grounded and gives you wings at the same time. Some further advice for young professionals would be to stay curious and flexible, as this fosters growth and learning opportunities. Lastly, avoid being too proud, as this will block your thirst from developing further.