[CSR] Office Depot SSC: When passion influences a community

//[CSR] Office Depot SSC: When passion influences a community

When passion influences a community

11 years ago, something special happened!

An enthusiastic group of employees from the Office Depot Shared Service Center in Cluj-Napoca joined their energy and ideas together. We were passionate about making a positive impact in the Cluj-Napoca community and started designing and implementing CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) projects.

A couple of years after, our scope increased to three main focus areas: CSR; Environmental Responsibility; Motivation and Wellbeing at work. The projects developed year after year. Our team managed, not only to achieve the initial objective but, most importantly, we managed to engage all of our SSC employees. We have successfully nurtured a culture of social responsibility at Office Depot and beyond in the community!

The Well-Being Programme launched

Fast forward to today and activities have developed ten-fold! The Well-Being Programme has just been launched. All activities have now been brought under one umbrella. The Well-Being Programme allows everyone to experience the best version of work-life balance.

The Well-Being programme aims to organize all kinds of weekly activities, workshops and events grouped in three areas:

  • Mind and Body – i.e.: Motivational speakers, Yoga sessions, Hiking trips, Workshops (nutrition, parenting, etc)
  • Corporate and Environmental Responsibility – i.e.: Green initiatives, OD Charity Football Cup, Charity Food Fair, etc.
  • Entertainment / Fun– i.e.: Picnic in the Park, Company Parties, Treasure hunts, etc.

What’s happened so far?

  • We have collaborated with over 30 organizations/ NGOs/ Companies in Cluj-Napoca and in Romania in various activities
  • We have organized over 30 activities every year with the aim of reaching at least 1 event / week in 2019 and onwards
  • During these 11 years we have had over 100 members in the programme and even more volunteers from inside the company
  • The Office Depot name is directly related to several impactful campaigns in the Cluj-Napoca community such as: the acquisition of 1 ambulance by Beard Brothers; Planting trees at the Transylvania College; Building houses with Habitat for Humanity in Jucu; cleaning our woods with Let’s Do it Romania; Swimathon; Walking Month participation every year since the beginning.
  • …and the list goes on!

Our experience so far, in a variety of activities/ events, recommends us and we are continuously looking for creative, innovative and meaningful opportunities in the Cluj community. And we are ready to develop partnerships with companies in Cluj-Napoca for future projects with even bigger scopes.

Article written by: Adina Bucur-Sraum, Carla David and Theodora Stanescu (Leads of Office Depot Well-Being Programme)