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Project Description

Over the 25 years of operations, PROHUMAN APT (former APT Resources & Services) has built a strong business based in the HR & BPO industry, being among the largest HR companies operating in Romania, delivering end-to-end pragmatic solutions.

What makes us unique is our customer dedication, which gives us the strength to increase the value of our services year after year and our business processes’ quality being validated by our customers and the real-life services provided through our more than 2000 employees.

A snapshot of PROHUMAN APT services:

  • BPO – HR services that meet customers’ performance requirements, target business objectives and ensure high-quality results delivery;
  • Temporary staffing;
  • Specialized and Volume Recruitment;
  • Payroll, benefits management, personnel file administration;
  • Relocation services from areas with high level of unemployment;
  • On-site consultants.

All of the above services are supported in PROHUMAN APT’s six branches located in Brasov, Iasi, Timisoara, Sibiu, Craiova and Ploiesti. Full contact details are available on our website:

Sorina Donisa – CEO of PROHUMAN APT (former APT Resources & Services)

Sorina has more than 20 years of experience in Human Resources, Finance and Consulting and has been the CEO of PROHUMAN (former APT Resources & Services) since 2010. She joined APT Group in 1998 as Chief Accountant and, even though she started by coordinating the financial department, over the years she has managed to develop a strong Human Resources business line within APT.

Sorina graduated the West University of Timisoara with major in Finance & Accounting and she served two consecutive terms of office as President of ARAMT (The Romanian Association of Temporary Work Agents), whose mission is to create a flexible and suitable regulatory environment for temporary staffing in Romania.

In 2017, 80% of four companies in the APT Group were acquired by PROHUMAN Group, one of the main players on HR market in Balkans. Sorina Donisa remains shareholder and director of all these companies.