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Project Description

Regina Maria health network is leader in the quality of medical services in Romania, being the only operator that owns three hospitals with international accreditations. Through its 12 accreditations – a unique performance in Central and Eastern Europe, Regina Maria constantly demonstrates her commitment to medical excellence and patient care safety. In the last 10 years, Regina Maria has invested over 130 million euros in the development of the Romanian medical system, by modernizing or opening new locations, purchasing high-performance equipment and training medical teams.
Regina Maria brings together over 6,000 employees and collaborators in its over 70 locations in Bucharest and in the country, locations through which it offers complete services for hospitalization and surgery, maternity, polyclinic, imaging, laboratory and stem cell storage. The health network provides medical services for patients all over tha country through more than 300 partner clinics.
Prevention was always an important mission for the company. Therefor Regina Maria innovated the segment of medical services for companies by launching for the first time in Romania the concept of corporate subscriptions, 25 years ago. The company’s portfolio currently includes corporate subscriptions (large companies), subscriptions for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), for young entrepreneurs (start-ups), along with those for individuals (adults and children). Cumulatively, Regina Maria manages a portfolio of over 620,000 subscriptions. Also, in order to promote the importance of prevention and
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Queen Maria involved in testing all the resources needed to help detect COVID-19 infection – the network’s molecular biology laboratories, specialized staff, testing capability. Currently, more than 3,400 PCR tests / day can be processed, 4 times more than at the beginning of the pandemic.