Societe Generale Global Solution Centre

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Project Description

Societe Generale Global Solution Centre’s journey as a service center for Societe Generale Group began in 2011 and had throughout the years a continuous development, enriched with projects that grew in variety and complexity.

By listening to our clients’ needs and building on the expertise of our team, our company managed to create more and more services, by adding new business lines to its activity. Also, in the last couple of years, our service center worked together with our colleagues in India, as one team, towards a common goal: to create an undeniable positive global impact for Societe Generale Group. This expansion of our business impact has been reflected in our name as well, going from ‘European Business Services’ to ‘Global Solution Centre’.

The company transformed itself into a complex center offering a wide range of services & solutions in areas like: Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, IT, Know Your Customer or Compliance.

SG GSC means performance, innovation and the best professionals.

Now, with over 2700 employees, Societe Generale Global Solution Centre is a service center for many Group entities, serving more than 35 countries for all SG’s major business lines.

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