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Project Description

Stefanini is a Brazilian company with over 30 years of experience in IT service delivery at global level, ranging from IT infrastructure outsourcing to software application development. The company is present in 40 countries, through its 73 offices all over world, and with over 25,000 employees. 300 of its more than 500 active clients are multinational corporations. However, Stefanini managed to become the preferred partner for many local or regional SMEs, thanks to its flexibility, openness and adaptability.

Most of Stefanini’s clients come from areas such as financial-banking, production, telecom, services, technology, utilities or the public sector.

In 2010, Stefanini acquired TechTeam Global, including the local operations of the company, which had been active in Romania since 2004.

Our country is one of the most important markets in the region for Stefanini. From here, the company coordinates the offices in Poland and the Republic of Moldova. Stefanini currently has a team of over 1,600 employees in Romania, in its 3 offices in Bucharest, Sibiu and Târgu Mureș, out of a total of 3,200 employees in the EMEA region. The employees in the 3 offices in Romania service approximately 85 clients worldwide, in countries like USA, Australia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Canada, Russia, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and the UK.

Concerning the structure of its services, service desk projects represent app. 60% of the entire Stefanini business in Romania, followed by application development services (30%), while 10% of the business is represented by IT infrastructure services.

While in 2016, at the Romanian Outsourcing Awards for Excellence, Stefanini was awarded ITO company of the year, this year, the company received the award for the category Employee Engagement Initiative of the Year.

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