[Sibiu] Dana Modrescu, Colt Technology Services: “the team wellbeing remains our focus”

//[Sibiu] Dana Modrescu, Colt Technology Services: “the team wellbeing remains our focus”

Colt Romania counts almost 150 team members who perform in operational or support areas of the organisation such as Sales, Service Delivery, Software Development, Human Resources, Procurement & Supply Chain, Finance, Management.

Agile working is the most valued one by creating the framework for our team members to flex with their time in terms of working hours during the day and working from home opportunity. The team wellbeing remains our focus, hence we encourage the open dialogue to identify and include the most appreciated ones among our benefits: private medical insurance, meal vouchers, sport membership, fresh fruits, Bookster membership.

Our office “breathes” fresh air, it’s a welcoming and friendly venue where people’s comfort, communication and technology are work priorities. Regardless the employee role, people’s approach is relaxed but firm about the outcome. We are a results driven company in a flexible environment.

Colt shifted to a social learning platform that is designed to boost employee skills and support them to become future fit, during engaging learning experiences in collaboration with universities, such as Coursera and organisations across the globe.

This year, there are two main directions aiming to increase efficiency and enhance employee development in a coaching culture.

Our people managers benefit of organization-wide leadership programmes, the Manager Effectiveness program is the strategic one, while all our employees are encouraged to take advantage of the learning resources on the personal effectiveness area, such as project management, communication, decision making, time management, as well as technical training on a large range of topics.

We are now hiring:

  • Sales Account Manager
  • Sales Support Representative
  • Supply Chain Analyst

Dana Modrescu, Romania HR Head – Colt Technology Services RO

Sibiu – www.colt.net