[Top Employers in the Business Services Industry] Michelin Corporate and Business Services, Bucharest

//[Top Employers in the Business Services Industry] Michelin Corporate and Business Services, Bucharest

Michelin Corporate and Business Services, Bucharest

The Michelin Shared Services Center in Bucharest, Michelin Corporate and Business Services, was created in 2013 and has been growing ever since. There are now over 700 of us employed here, working in Purchasing, Finance, Logistics, Sales Administration and Human Resources. In other words, we take customer orders, invoice them, respond to requests, handle the Group’s accounting, pay suppliers and employees.

We are all working to ensure the best possible experience to the Michelin Group’s customers, employees and suppliers. We are now at a stage where we are increasing our efficiency and also attracting new services, so we are open to finding new, talented colleagues who want to join our adventure.

Our core value is Respect (Respect for People, for Customers, for Shareholders, for Facts and for the Environment) and we have built a workplace where these values are not displayed on the walls; instead, you can see them come to life in the way we interact with each other, in how we do business, in how we are treated as employees.

Usually, our new colleagues tell us they chose to work for Michelin CBS because of the reputation of our company, because they trust the quality of the Michelin products and services and our long history gives them reassurance about the future. They also ask their friends who work with us for recommendations, and are encouraged about the good references they receive.

We have the possibility to work from home (all the time). We used to work from home up to 3 days a week before the pandemic, too, but now we have switched to fully remote work – unless you want to come to the office, in which case you are most welcome and you will find a safe office space, 100%-compliant to the sanitary rules.

Our candidates also consider our compensation & benefits package a competitive one – we have actually just recently improved it and made it even more flexible and easy to adapt to individual needs.

Many colleagues join us right at the start of their careers, for an internship or traineeship, and then they stay with us, to continue their development. We usually say that, no matter your expertise level, when you come to Michelin, you come for a career, not just for a job.

There are lots of career and development opportunities in Michelin CBS. We like to say that we are Moving Forward Together, as a nod to our brand platform, which is dedicated to better mobility. When you are growing, learning and advancing, so is our company.

We have an internal mobility policy, which encourages not only vertical moves (promotions), but also lateral moves – so that you can expand your knowledge and become a well-rounded professional. As a Michelin CBS employee, you will be able to discuss your career aspirations, apply for internal opportunities, get feedback, see what your next options are, ask for training and mentoring.

Throughout Michelin, you can see very diverse career stories and we value this uniqueness. It is common in Michelin for an Industrial Engineer to continue their career in the Shared Services Center, for a Polish to work in Romania, for a Romanian to become manager in Germany or for a woman to be Plant Manager. The diversity of jobs we manage allows us to build surprising career paths, together with our employees.

And just like our candidates and our colleague, Michelin also has a CV. If you want to read more about our workplace and our career opportunities, have a look on our careers website.