Business Kit for 2022: sharing knowledge, having a community, staying relevant

//Business Kit for 2022: sharing knowledge, having a community, staying relevant
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The last two years demonstrated us that the power of a community stands in its members’ ability to work together, overcome challenges, learn from each other and share data.

And even now when things are starting to look brighter, the uncertainty continues to be part of our daily life. We are still searching for information, new directions/paths to follow, and peers to discuss with. Therefore, this Business Kit is much needed, a kit that will guide us into this new reality.

Join our Business Mixer’s spring edition and get all the information you need in this changing world. Let’s talk in a series of round tables, about hot topics today: what are the companies’ plans related to WFO/WFH/WFA this year, what leaders needs in order to perform at their best, what are the risks that the hybrid way of working comes with for both employees and employers, what new health-care benefits companies are offering & what you can do more in terms of prevention, and how well we are prepared to meet the ESG targets.

We invite you to register and take part in our sessions, specially designed to bring together specialists and decision makers in the business services industry. Each session has a limited number of participants, in order to give all our guests, the possibility to share, find information and interact with each other.

Please keep in mind that depending on your preferences and in accordance with the infection’s rate in the week before the event, we are considering a F2F or an online event.


The key of hybrid work: adaptability

The coronavirus pandemic has moved part of our life online. Consequently, the social context has become hybrid – a mix between traditional and online that opened the gate to “transition”. Employees and organizations have agreed that this gate should remain open after the pandemic episode.

This settlement requires the implementation of hybrid work models such as teleworking (work from anywhere), on-call work, flexible work arrangements or contracting independent workers.

Hybrid working as a concept has been turbocharged by the pandemic and offers the best deal for both employer and employee. However, the hybrid work model presents relevant risks for both labor partners. Managing these risks might determine some organizations to avoid embracing a long-term hybrid model.

Hybrid Work: What Matters Most

New global research benchmarks how organizations are tackling hybrid work.

Over the course of the pandemic, leading organizations have recognized that people need and want to work in new ways.

How to create a new hybrid work experience that meets employee needs as well as those of their teams and the organization?

So, what are organizations doing? Why are some moving forward while others wait? And what’s giving some leaders confidence to make decisions amid uncertainty?

Finding the right hybrid solution will be an evolving process for most organizations, and it’s important to set expectations that it will need to be refined over time. But by bringing together HR, IT and facilities, listening to employees, measuring new behaviors and experimenting with prototypes, organizations are able to take steps forward, rev their competitive engines and move toward a better work experience for their people and teams.

SAF-T – what does it mean, how can we prepare and what difficulties do companies have in implementation?

The standard fiscal control file (SAF-T) became mandatory starting with January 2022, with phased application deadlines according to the category of taxpayers. SAF-T reporting binds companies to send monthly to the tax authorities a considerable volume of accounting and tax information from computer systems, in a complex and predefined format. We will discuss what companies need to report and how they prepare to deal with this reporting.

ESG on the path of defining business future

Sustainability continues to be a hot topic in everyone’s agenda, from companies with bold targets to each and every individual that would like to know how he or she can contribute to build for a better tomorrow.

Let`s share knowledge and help each other to better understand how important the proofs are while supporting the ESG targets, and how well we are prepared in order to bring values and to increase awareness when it comes to our ability to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Successful models for the Post-Pandemic Workplace

Join us for an experience-sharing session where we’ll discuss all the ways in which we had to reimagine our offices and work life in creating a safe, productive and enjoyable environment.

Nearly two years into the pandemic, some of us are finally heading back in, at least a couple days a week, but the offices we are returning to are, most likely, not the same places that we left. Work flows have changed. Expectations have changed. Even your team probably looks different now from what it looked like two years ago.
What is the reality of the post-pandemic workplace? How do you keep up company culture and morale? How do office occupiers cope with all these changes and what do they expect for the next years?

Offices are, of course, always evolving and now seems to be the perfect moment to capitalize on this opportunity as we create a new post-pandemic normal.

Celebrate the wisdom under the hat you are wearing!

We all have 6 Sage Powers, our Inner Wisdom! We also have few Saboteurs that are limiting our inner beauty by defining ourselves through that which we are less of.
We are enough with or without this other person, with or without this leadership role, with or without these tight jeans or the designer dress.

We wear multiple hats and underneath each hat there is a wise mind driving towards the future.

We invite you to reframe the present, take a deep dive into our Inner Wisdom and open new perspectives, from under your own hat. This workshop will be hosted and presented by Corina Leca, Hat Designer and Events Architect and Mihaela Perianu, Executive Coach and Entrepreneur.

Let’s raise a glass of champaign for ourselves, the women in business, keeping our Hats on 😊

Deconstructing wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is essential for your company culture. But it is also such a huge concept, difficult to implement, especially now, when both employees and companies need to recover from the pandemic and the expectations are high. During the meeting, we’ll address the challenges companies have to face, changes and trends, but we’ll also try to provide solutions on how to easily identify and assess employees needs. With years of expertise in the physical and mental health of the employees the two REGINA MARIA speakers will also guide you in creating effective wellbeing programs for your company.

Georgiana Andrei
Georgiana AndreiCorporate Sales Director, Regina Maria, The Private Healthcare Network
Andrei Angelescu
Andrei AngelescuHead of Architecture and Design COS
Maria Florea
Maria FloreaKey Client Director JLL Romania
Andrei Ivan
Andrei IvanProjects Director SKANSKA
Corina Leca
Corina LecaHat Designer and Events Architect
Catalin Micu
Catalin Micu Partner Zamfirescu Racoți Vasile & Partners (ZRVP)
Oana Nicolau
Oana Nicolau Mentoring Program Leader & Psychotherapist, Regina Maria The Health Network
Mihaela Perianu
Mihaela PerianuManaging Partner Dale Carnegie Romania
Roxana Popa
Roxana PopaCorporate Tax Director - PwC
Ilinca Popescu
Ilinca PopescuDirector Central and Eastern Europe, Steelcase
Adina Vizoli
Adina VizoliIndirect Tax Director - PWC